Sleeping Dragon research uncovers lost online Gallery

Whilst researching the “Legends and Myths of Wales”  and checking that the last Welsh Dragon (above) was still safe and well in Radnor Forest, I discovered some of the HoBB history still online.

A website (The Wayback Machine) has archived some of the HoBB’s first website.  The page files are not accessible but here’s three screen shots of our first online gallery:



More sleeping Dragon research now!



Gallery examples part 6 (Pencil. Ink. Colour stages)

Finished Artwork (Book Cover)
At the HoBB, many visiting authors have enjoyed the run of our studio and gardens where they have explored book image ideas and cover design/s.
Author visits can be arranged through literary agents, publishers, book packagers or directly with us.
Strand of Hair ice crystal formation
We have a large image library, which includes the WoW Picture archive.
We pencil sketch at live meeting, do colour samples in studio, inkwork by hand – either on paper or digitally. Colour render digitally.
Left: Inking service. Right: Colour Render Service
Pencilwork used as school colouring sheet
Mascot toon. Ebano.
Ink Sketching (no prior pencil stage)
Colour Rendering (Photoshop)