Catalogue raisonné of Grant Artworks. (Formal Design. Displaying 1 to 25 of 834)

Catalogue raisonné of artworks by




Page one of artworks from the 1st Collection by Grant. This collection combines commissioned works with other works created during the same Formal Design period.

Forward cataloguing plan:
All works have a unique studio number which will be added, after the catalogue number, over time. The studio number for commissioned works starts at 100061 and finishes at 100834.  Other, non-commissioned works, are numbered from 200001.

Gallery showing:
To conclude the creation of over 800 artworks during Grants Formal Design period, two gallery shows were organised. The first, at the Birmingham Midlands Institute, UK, included many originals on loan and prints of seventy four commissioned paintings. The second at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens was of non-commissioned works, sold to raise funds for the World of Water charity.


Catalogue raisonné of Grant Artworks. (Prototypes. Displaying 19 to 25 of 65)

Catalogue raisonné of artworks by




More line artworks from the 3rd Collection (Prototype Series) along with nine illustrations from Grant’s Organic Tales during the  Image of Learning (IOL) period.