Idealistic Home

At the HoBB, we like to blend our handiwork into the natural setting and allow organic forms their space.  Some of the trees here are hundreds of years old and most of them will outlast the life of the HoBB’s present human caretakers.

It’s Spring.
Birdboxes are cleaned and ready and it’s time again for the Spring Greens Fair – an opportunity to stimulate your artistic powers and think about your idealistic home.  Grant will be there, encouraging all those who are design-minded to put pen to paper and visualise their ideal home. There’s going to be plenty to inspire the home maker, home builder, home decorator and Earth Home carer.

– OR –

Or live in a Treehouse.

Come and explore the heights, girths, widths and
depths of the Idealistic Home on 29th and 30th April

The Idealistic Home Exhibition




Doing a Mind Map

When Lesley Morrissey visited The HoBB, she introduced me to mindmapping as a handy tool and now I use mindmaps regularly to  remember stories whilst on stage.
During live storytelling events, I have used props, sticky pad notes, images, word cards and conventional lists, but when my brain has to hold hundreds and even thousands of story threads, it helps me to see a ‘map’ of the whole woven story whilst performing it – a map which includes links, associations and key points.
Mind maps are there to remind me of the bare story bones as I work with audiences to branch out and elaborate on plots. And as every project has its own story, mind maps come in especially useful when organisations need to communicate involved issues over a short time.
Here are four mind maps I produced with the help of friends and volunteers for a local community group: