Doing a Mind Map

When Lesley Morrissey visited The HoBB, she introduced me to mindmapping as a handy tool and now I use mindmaps regularly to  remember stories whilst on stage.
During live storytelling events, I have used props, sticky pad notes, images, word cards and conventional lists, but when my brain has to hold hundreds and even thousands of story threads, it helps me to see a ‘map’ of the whole woven story whilst performing it – a map which includes links, associations and key points.
Mind maps are there to remind me of the bare story bones as I work with audiences to branch out and elaborate on plots. And as every project has its own story, mind maps come in especially useful when organisations need to communicate involved issues over a short time.
Here are four mind maps I produced with the help of friends and volunteers for a local community group:

Design Projects / Update

Star by star at the HoBB,
we love discussing a wide variety of
glowing ideas with bright people
in front of a log fire over Winter.

In our view for this year, we have:

Revision of a new long distance UK walk to include more photographs.
An interior design for a smaller than usual cottage.
Preparation of school education sheets for an Eco Fair.
Design and development of new water filtration systems (UV and filter)
Research into a Salmon and Trout Cage Farm closed in 2004 due to pollution.
Energy input to a new UK Music Festival.
Design of a garden office.

This Summer, we are looking  for new authors to host and will be once again, offering another LPB  Publishing Internship.  Applications for this position will open in March.

In review, we have done:

Theme Park visuals for C4 (000327/01); Interior Design for Wine Bar (000327/02); Logo and Branding for Tids Slippers (000327/03); HQ Reception design (000327/04); Modular Furniture design for Take Away (000327/05);  Street Frontage for Chinese Herbal Therapist (000327/06); Photoshop imaging for artist’s range of Tees and cards (000327/07)