Installation Hide

The Installation HideTwo Wall Panels depicting the magic of flora and fauna.

The one to your right has nature ‘boxed’ for the convenience of Mankind and continues to ‘explain’ that which is beyond explanation. each answer is shown ‘contained’ but in a disturbing manner, interrupted by the chaos and complexity of its neighbour’s influence.
The left panel shows Mankind’s main wish to harness the power that surrounds him whilst an environment ‘looks-on’, helplessly trying to adapt in the wake of Human greed.
You sit, facing the west, to focus your meditation on ‘the Western World’ and we ask those sitting in comfort to ponder on whether the world order should be dictated by Mother Nature or led by Mankind ?

L’autre monde est capable de surgir naturellement, completement, partout.
Il suffit d’ecouter et d’apprendre la nature. De s’epanouir avec la nature.
Renversons notre esprit et nous y trouverons peut etre un profond changement.
Ecoutons tout ce qui nous entoure.

Image of Design. Case Study: TRIPLEX LLOYD PLC

Those with more than a passing acquaintanceship with eastern block countries will know how quickly they began to try and attract western investment once the cold war ended.

We were sent some details from the property portfolio of a Czech construction company by Triplex Lloyd in the UK who were interested in opening a retail outlet in Prague named Columbus.

Within a 5 day turnaround, and just hours before the arrival of the non-English speaking representatives from Prague, we put a series of design studies together for the sympathetic modern conversion of their 18th century city centre mansion to include drawing details of bespoke shop fittings, display units and both interior and exterior (day/night) lighting views.