Pergola not Pagoda

Pergola not PagodaI dislike both words but still transpose them occasionally when chatting to someone about their garden design – which can raise an eyebrow if talking about their small inner city courtyard design!

Pergolas (and ever Pagodas for that matter) can look rather constructional when first erected in the garden. Their long boxy look can be almost ‘Japanesey’ if you leave the long cross pieces overhanging and shape the ends, or they can look like the skeleton of a shipping container. Either way, the clematis, rose, laburnum or wisteria plants go in at the base of the columns and you sit back for what seems like years (it is) and know that your pergola will look great eventually (and it will).

I have picked up a few white flowering wisteria to grow up the six fir trees but as the wisteria, once established, will want to explore and explore, I have roped together the tops of some pollarded trees to provide them with a climbing frame along the top terrace.

Not desirous of a very formal pergola along this terrace, I have bent down the branches of both Ash and Willow to form archways, fixing them in position using some plastic television aerial cable as this withstands weather and can be easily moved along branches so as not to constrict growth. The informality of this tree archway contrasts the structures planned to support the White Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis ‘Alba’) at the other end of this terrace.

I know I will be ‘sitting back’ for what will be an ‘age’ till this setting looks as I have designed but I also feel that by working with nature and avoiding the pre-pack factory look, Nature and me, will have combined our strengths again on another shareable facet of the HoBB Gardens.

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ (whilst caring for growths) ~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Bespoke Installation Architectural Features

Bespoke Installation Architectural FeaturesThe World is becoming one very big shop, but slowly, the ‘same’ shop for everyone.

When looking for landscape ideas or planning your ideal living space, it is easy to type into a search engine things like “landscape features” and get loads of search results, but these are the very same results that everyone else in the World will be getting. You can make it personal and have your own thoughts come to life.

At some stage, you will wake up with a personal idea and want to see it through to production, knowing that when finished, you will have the only one in the World. When this magic moment arrives, don’t stew over the idea or set it aside as a far off dream, contact me and let’s see if we can pull together the team to put your ideas into physical form. No matter whether you have just ‘imagined’ your perfect wallpaper design or armchair, there are talented people out there able to put your ideas into practice.

As favours for friends, I have designed much, from complete houses along with their interiors and gardens, to furniture, exhibitions, lighting, doors, glass screens and fabrics. This is my ‘way’ of going about design and it was once the usual way – a long time before mass-manufacturing. However, the craft skills to create bespoke features are alive and well, Countrywide. It is just up to the consumer to go for what they want as opposed to going for a finished item off the mass-production shelf.

There is naturally room for all, and in my Bespoke Features, I use plenty of fantastically mass-manufactured goods – like screws, nails and glue!

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant