The ‘Sitmedownuponder’ garden seat

garden seatingUnless places are pre-designed to sit and ponder or simply enjoy the view, putting them into a garden design afterwards can create an eyesore or at the very least a distraction.

Ponder points are scattered around the HoBB Gardens – many secret and hidden, and some formal and fine for party gatherings and long evening banquets with fresh friends – whoops, I think I should have typed ‘refreshed friends’!

I think everyone likes to ‘discover’. I also think that ‘forgotten places’ can be more fun than remembered, well manicured ones. This is not leading up to a reason for neglecting parts of the garden, but rather a recollection that those areas that few know about hold greater secrets and are thus more intriguing.

Eventually you realise that I shall be saying that those parts of the HoBB Gardens left unattended are there for this very reason!

Off to neglect another niche ! ~~~~ waves from the Hills ~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Image of Design. Case Study Butlins

IMAGENAMEHEREOne of a series of 45 line drawn sketch designs that were combined with text, maps, site plans, photographs and client corporate imagery to produce a set of six bound presentation books.

The late 90’s marked a turning point for many longstanding and more traditional British holiday venue operators. Butlins needed to upgrade their facilities in the face of growing competition. For one exciting opportunity, Link Design Build contacted us to produce face-lift designs for Butlins in Ayr.

Butlins were keen to hold on to their long standing identity, something that their existing customers recognised. Consequently, our design work preserved the fabric of their existing buildings and the ‘new-look’ was expressed through bold wall graphics, character signage, carpet design, ceiling mobiles and lighting.