Hazel’s wired for nuts

IMAGENAMEHEREIn a trial to keep Autumn’s HoBB Cobs ‘squirrel free’, I have wired down two hazel trees to form an arched way under the six female holly trees. [Grid.Ref. J27 : 297 above]

Year on year, all the cob nuts are removed before they ripen by a squirrel we’ve nicknamed Jasmin, who climbs post wires and navigates hawthorn and holly to reach her tasty pickings.

The arched walkway will give some shade but should allow us to put up some squirrel-proof netting and thus retain some of the hazel cobs. If there is another way you have used, that has worked, please let us know. As there are so many Hazel trees around, we hope to convince Jasmin and her friends to go after the easiest cobs to hoard. If this doesn’t work, we’ll use ‘Plan B’, and start training Jasmin to tell us where she’s burying her winter store.

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Experience a New Board Game in the design stage

Experience a New Board Game in the design stageA busy moment here at the HoBB, for as well as drawing cartoons and illustrations, I have also devised a new board game with Peter Scott. It now needs the enthusiasm of someone well versed in playing and developing board games and if this is you then get in touch as it will be good to have your input; and ‘part own’ the project.

Most of the ‘game’ thoughts we have, result in educational aids on the theme of ‘Closure’, so if you’d like to work alongside us on such projects or generally experience the buzz of thinking with creatives, contact me with a bit about yourself and your own fine aims.
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