Are YOU an Engineer?

Presenting the wonder that is AQUAPONICS, just took on a new twist.

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Design for Aquaponics Tour Exhibit for World of Water charity. (Drawing 001 by Nicolas Roy at École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des Microtechniques (ENSMM) Aug.2015)

Are you an engineer?
Our charity, World of Water, urgently needs your voluntary help in building a World Awakening Display to show everyone the urgent need for ever wiser water use in food farming.

When clean water is spread on agricultural land, along with organic or inorganic fertilisers, it continually washes the soil and damages it each and every season. After years of such abuse, soil becomes dry dust, needing more water and more nutrients to get a crop.  This is happening in the most intensive farming areas of the World.

Unless we use water and nutrients more wisely, the World risks the biggest famine it has ever known. Millions will die.

We need your help now to develop farming ways that do not waste water, energy and nutrients. Farming systems that:

  • provide crops with the water they actually need for growth
  • put all the nutrients into the crops
  • allow soil structures to rebuild
  • stop fertiliser wash-out into rivers and therefore …
  • giving rivers and estuary wildlife a chance to recover and regenerate.

There is an ever-increasing World demand for food. There is a need to adjust our farming methods accordingly to provide this food. If we cannot provide enough food, yet keep on producing more mouths to feed, we have a problem.

As a charity, our aim is to create better health. At World of Water, we care for the solution. Water – wiser water use. Our programme of research includes the ancient ways of aquaponics. Updated, these ways make better use of water, land space and nutrients.

Through Research, Practical Experience and Education, we help to develop the methods, know-how and understanding to prosper. We gain support for our work, we need to reach the consumers of food before food becomes scarce, highly priced or simply not on the shelves.

To do this we have designed the first of a series of fantastic animatronics machines including pumps, lights, PV and solar power system, recycled water store, sun sculpt, algae panels, plants, fish and flowing food. We now need to make theses designs into practical working demonstrations for public and trade display.

Parts can be made in your own workshop or you can use our Field Centre.

If you see the future of better water engineering in food production we would like to talk with you..

The future of 3D web graphics and realtime adaptive environments is on the street

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr etc. make it simple to upload photos from any cam. but when you need to manipulate them, or add text and graphics, software like Photoshop wins every time. But around the next corner, there’s an even brighter new future.

I know now which software produces the best results for the graphic work my clients require, and I know when I still need a pencil in live meetings or a pen or my Wacom tablet. My studio has grown organically into one big tool shed for authors to play in.

My Dad was a press photographer and book cover designer but retired before seeing 3D book covers and using augmented reality apps.. Now, publishing is back on the streets and live. We’re living realtime again.

The future isn’t dusty.
Using QR codes, Google and Wiki put Monmouth town on the map … or rather, put the map on Monmouth town. Using green screen software like users can map themselves into any townscape, village or countryside location and much further into their own or off-the-shelf 3D environments.

The future of blended graphic use, 3D environments and 2D images is clear to me as the lines between realtime ‘actual’ and realtime ‘virtual’ dissolve.

Meanwhile, back at the HoBB, I’m designing a new way to archive interesting records close to where they were born in a photofunia-type manner using apps like

But if you really need my graphic input on your latest project, book cover or otherwise, please ignore the “Do Not Disturb” sign as I am as ever …..






Here are some fun images I sent to @Worldof_Water for their enjoyment thanks to the lovely team @photofunia


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