IMAGENAMEHEREDo you need refreshing new energies in your Project?

I host creative atmospheres that spark participants into activity and catalyze ideas from within groups.

Groups of between two and ten are ideal. The results are yours at the end of the day – no waiting! Say hello.

Ready to develop new ideas ?

New ideas are vital to promote the economy, keep investors happy and make sure you and your team reach your goal/s. When individual minds come together in a lively creative atmosphere, they generate the energy to move forward on projects and stay ahead in the market.

As a very positive and progressive Designer, I motivate people, during meetings, to design better tomorrows for themselves and those around them. Being hands-on, my design folio is packed with hundreds of practical design solutions to communication needs – all produced for people-projects.

My greatest strengths:
Live, face-to-face realtime promotions at meetings, fairs and events.
Constructing creative works on site.
Designing display material for project presentation.
Presenting thoughts in diagrammatic form to a wide audience.
Going from brainstorm to mind map to plan to role action and feedback in one hair-raising session with only two breaks for coffee (decaf. for me thanks)
Producing info. / graphics to support project pitches.

My way of doing things on site:
I arrive,
I believe in your aims,
I connect with you / your team,
we work,
we finish it,
we celebrate the result/s.

My way of doing things off site:  (HoBBshoring or Remote work)

What do you need done?

Tree Forest Wood Greetings Cards

Calligraphy Greeting CardBillions of cards are sent worldwide every year but especially at Christmas. Being a tree nowadays no longer insures a long fruiting life. When it’s time to be cropped, a tree’s in for the chop!

It is a risky time to be a saping, rooting, shooting, breathing living tree – especially if you live in the middle of a well matured forestry scheme.

So each time I am asked to design a greetings card, whether the illustration is a warm, friendly  and fuzzy, or decidedly ‘offbeat’, I spare a thought for the factory farmed trees.  They stand tall in rows amidst their own kind like a regiment on death row.  They grow in good faith and with the hope of surviving weather conditions, pests, drought and disease until the rip echo of chainsaw shortens and the call of harvest chimes in their rings.

Card subjects now deal with everything from tastebud preferences to software crashes.  Cards are becoming poor substitutes for writing letters, giving love and showing actual warmth.  Flat packed or box mounted, cards arrive – destined to dust gather in a lifestyle gap before the bin’s mouth opens and its recycling chin makes pulps of its memory.

Some suggest that the way we live is driven by consumer trends but it’s equally possible to suggest that lifestyles are ‘pushed’ by those requiring us to ditch the existing in preference for the fresh and purchasable.

We are all trying to keep a finger on the pulse of change but to get the world we want, we all need to be involved in setting and making the best pace possible. The best family life, the best wildlife, the best domesticated life and the best eco-life come at a price.

To get the best everything is going to be difficult but we can all aim for a better ‘new improved’ direction, be it when sending a greetings card or supporting a vital charity campaign. Some of the best modern cards we receive at the HoBB incorporate good editorial message – small bite-sized doses of psychotherapy or thoughtful expressions of concern, advice and support. One such handmade card produced for the charity ‘World of Water’ (pictured above) contained these fine words : “Tree, Forest, Wood, Table, Skip, Fire … air overload, Pollution.”

Do you design cards?
Anybody can send their card designs to a publisher, but once released they are helpless, unable to influence how their work will be used and any accompanying editorial content. There is a new breed of greetings card artists that self-publish their designs internationally and make them directly available online as e-cards for all occasions. Through personal links with their market, these artists are able to determine which visual styles and messages their buying public prefers – an interactive market testing.  Possibly a less wasteful way forward?

Do you buy cards?
The era of the eco-card, the ecard is here. This may save many more existing habitats. We all need to keep a finger on the pulse of change and work towards the world environment we want, so set the pace and send more e-cards this year. Set the standard and buy cards that contain very useful messages.

Waves ~~~~ and wishes for a fine festive future.
<+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant