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“I design the results you wish to achieve, and I collaborate with clients who have the vision to succeed” (@_Grant)

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“I am thrilled to share with you a glimpse of my design journey over 20 years. My passion for design has led me to create captivating spaces, products, and experiences for a diverse range of clients.

Whether you’re seeking a fresh perspective for your project or are on the lookout for a dedicated collaborator, I’m here to bring your ideas to life.”

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Some of my Design Case Studies – and the stories behind them:

For a new HQ, I was commissioned to design the reception area in full which included furniture, clock, signage and product display.
Reception Area Transformation:    For a new headquarters, I was commissioned to design the entire reception area, from furniture to signage, turning it into a welcoming and functional space.

Nurturing Young Minds:    I had the privilege of designing early reader English language storybooks for children, resulting in a series of 15 published books, with 10 still in print, under the imprint “littlepeoplebooks.”

Empowering the Visually Impaired:    My collaboration with Acuity Design resulted in a raised braille lettering system to help blind parents teach their sighted children to read. This project truly touched my heart.

Two of my shopfront designs here. One for an Italian Pizza Take away, the other for a Chinese Herbalist which led to a contact with a fellow artist so we got together and designed his web site and photographed his first product range.
Creating Memorable Shopfronts:    Two of my shopfront designs, one for an Italian Pizza Takeaway and another for a Chinese Herbalist, highlight my versatility in design. The latter led to a successful collaboration on web design and product photography.

Dinosaur characters and one soft toy:

Dinolad (soft toy)
Dinolad: A Jurassic Adventure:  A call from New Zealand author Rose Carr led to the creation of a group of dinosaur characters and a soft toy, Dinolad.

From Fan Mail to Restaurants:   The TV Chef, Rustie, sought my design expertise for a fan club membership system, leading to the success of her second restaurant and interior visuals for another location.

House Design

Art Meets Fundraising:    I had the opportunity to design a fundraising art exhibition at Birmingham Botanical Garden, which not only showcased art but also contributed to a great cause.

Door Designed for a garden office
Door design for a garden office

Sustainable Energy Innovation:   My involvement in designing promotional materials for a “Low Flow High Volume” tidal turbine invention has played a crucial role in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Prototype  signage for Chinese Acupuncturist (relocated to )
Label Design for range of culinary preserves

Business Performance diag.

Bathroom Tiling Design

Book Spread Design:  After attending a course on snail farming and escargot cuisine, a farmer asked us to research and design a snail farm to include external enclosures. SnailsRus

UK South Coast Snail Farm Design within existing polytunnel

Aquacultural Expertise:   With a background in aquacultural system design, I advised on the design of a new fish farm after gravel extraction works.

From Internet Café to Holiday Camp:   My design skills have been put to the test in various projects, from Café Surf, Birmingham’s first internet café, to a Butlin’s Holiday Camp’s entertainment complex ( interior and exteriors )


Architectural Brilliance:   I designed the architectural presentation scheme for a new Bar, Restaurant, and Golf Club House, showcasing my flair for creating unique spaces. More:  Golf Club House.

Collaborative Success:  Collaborating with fellow designer Martin Hulse, we designed a shop conversion and display system for a trade and retail outlet in the Czech Republic.

Innovative Car Showroom:  I transformed disparate building photographs into a new design for a major car showroom, demonstrating my creative problem-solving abilities.  More:  major car showroom.

Design 000216
Rolls Royce Dealership
“My work is to bring my client’s design needs to life so others can see and share them,”  (Grant)


From a theme park design for a B.B.C. television show to an interior design for Paulton's Wine and Coffee Bar, I really enjoy using my design skills to communicate at speed. The TV audience got a four second look at our theme park and Paulton's got the funding after just a 30 minute bank meeting. I was surprised to get a call from a new shoe company but loved looking through the latest Italian designs and figuring out a range of design options for slippers you put into the washing machine like any other clothing.
Versatility at Its Best:  From theme park design to interior design for Paulton’s Wine and Coffee Bar, I thrive on using my design skills to communicate effectively and efficiently.
Exploring New Horizons:  I even ventured into the world of shoe design, exploring a range of options for slippers designed to go in the washing machine.




Garden Feature designs by Grant
Web Site shop design by Grant
Poster design for Sea Bed Mariculture Unit using imaging by the one and only Tim Griffiths)
Bonsai pot design by Grant
Bonsai pot design by Grant
Art Design by Grant
Art Design by Grant


For the logo and covers design that made the Premier League, visit
Logo and photo-retouching by Grant
Garden Feature Design by Grant

Wall Hanging Design by Grant
Wall Hanging Design by Grant
Packaging Design by Grant
Logbook Design by Grant
Badge Design by Grant


Textile Design by Grant
Textile Design by Grant


Poster design for Spring Green’s Fair

Are you ready to embark on a design journey with me?

Whether it’s a new project, collaboration, or a creative challenge, I’m here to bring your ideas to life. Feel free to reach out to discuss how we can work together.
Let’s transform your vision into a masterpiece.
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Project: Publishing Dinophonics with Dinolad and Friends

IMAGENAMEHEREBring your publishing projects to the HoBB

“Publishing … is to make public – to send forth among the people – the words and pictures that creative minds have produced, that editors have worked over, that printers have reproduced … a formidable succession of activities no one of which can, by itself, be called publishing.” (Chandler B. Grannis. Publishers’ Weekly, 1957)

Each project requires its own ‘diet’ to keep it healthy and fit.

Here’s a project that Early Years and Literacy Specialist,  Rose Carr , brought us in its infancy.  The star of her phonics project is ‘Dinolad’:

His dinosaur friends enjoy a laugh and a bath:

His friends love to run to stay healthy:

Plus, you can place your Dinolad Plush Toy and Dinophonic storybooks into their own bag:



Do you have a publishing project?
Is your project so very wonderful that
publishers should be clambering for your title?

The practice of developing publishing ideas alongside editors produces the most successful results. While general access to editors is limited, we occasionally arrange editorial meetings here at the HoBB for authors seeking to eat, sleep and dream their books together. These enthusiastic sessions are ideal for brilliant unknown authors and often for writers wishing to develop a better `live` style at book signings, festivals and events. Contact us for available dates.

Next year’s publishing projects are progressing well, Little People Books and their friends – librarians, teachers and parents, continue to do everything in their power to encourage innovation, culture `best solutions` and represent quality.

I hope that you attract attention to your next book idea from a publishing house of distinction whose list suits your title. The personality of the house, and in part, its editor, is important – a good match is pleasing, progressive and profitable.

“As editor at LPB, I have three things in mind when reviewing publishing ideas: first, the ‘magic’ quality – does the idea excite me; second, topical value, and third, the wider picture and its ongoing potential. But I always come back to the main rule that it must excite.” (Grant 2021)

Dinolad for Rose Carr


The Big Design Project

Do we all like the involved World we have collectively designed for ourselves to inhabit ?

Margaret Fuller wrote in 1855:     “Children need some childish talk,  some childish play,  some childish books. But they also need, and need more, difficulties to overcome, and a sense of the vast mysteries which the progress of their intelligence shall aide them to unravel. This sense is naturally their delight … and it must not be dulled by premature explanations or subterfuges of any kind”.

Recently, I heard of an orphan, now 22 yrs of age, who left his homeland orphanage on the other side of the world and traveled to the UK in search of a better life.

His orphanage upbringing had conditioned him to believe that the outside world provided everything. Consequently, he had no idea of applying himself to achieve his goals. On arrival in the UK he expected the world-on-a-plate. Was his education well designed and ‘fit for task’?

Hopefully, all parents, guardians and teachers in the UK provide a wide educational view of reality within a complex world; but how do we make sure this happens globally?

Do we all like the World we have collectively designed for ourselves so far?

If the world we have now is the sum total of everyone’s historical effort and input we need to ask ourselves, ‘do we like where we are and do we wish to continue on the road we are upon?’ Young children have confidence in adults and listen to the stories we tell. However, our storytelling merely perpetuates both our fundamental cultural values and our myths.

As we tell and re-tell our stories to each other and to each new generation we focus our thoughts and pave the way to our future – a deep rooted ‘by design’ process that takes an age to evolve.

Whilst ‘to educate’ is the role Society should give to its wisest adults, our handed-on findings and thoughts should always be accompanied by a request that each new generation challenges itself to re-evaluate all things from the past.

Designing today for tomorrow.

As a designer, I do believe that you get out what you put in and I take every care to get the recipe right whether I am designing a reference, an important message, a place of happiness, a moment of time or any other facet produced to conquer the challenges of today for the world of tomorrow.

This website contains samples of my developing depth of thought and quality of deed – ‘design for design’s sake is not my creed’.

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