Hedgehog Light – External

Hedgehog Light - ExternalThis will be another bright spot. One of two lighting supports in preparation to highlight a collection of stonework stairs, a winter icicle-water-fall feature and also a fernery if one of our volunteers happens to be a pteridologist.

I have never designed a garden lighting scheme. I have included lights in gardens that I have designed but this has been the occasional feature or task light. Within three acres of garden, I have a feeling that we’ll need more than a few light bulbs around the place.

I’m trying to treat each garden feature as a piece of art – whether it is integrated sculpt, a free moving bush in a pot … or whether it is art or not. Like most of the architecture at HoBB Real, the lighting will also grow in a piecemeal manner but as the underground wiring follows the paths around it will need digging in way ahead of finishing the paths.

There’s some more lighting designs on other HoBBlogs around here but try these two:

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Light waves from the illuminated Gardens
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Net Jockey

Net JockeyWith broadband, cam, microphone, video footage, stills and text at the fingertips of home based web users, the birth of the ‘Net-Jockey’ boom is really upon us.

(If you manufacture ‘blue screen’ technology for TV/ Film Industry , contact me for a business proposal)

Soon, top net nights and net days will be broadcast to homes, clubs and pubs with the potential of reaching audiences far larger than any auditorium can hold. These net jockey hosted events will be live, interactive and ‘dangerous’.

The mood of the moment is for easy to manage technology where as much as possible is automated. Seamless professional presenting has never been so achievable but during the fame rush for most of these new net-jockeys, we’ll see a lot of dodgy mixers with cackhanded MC-ing.

Net Jockeys may even claim the world of politics whilst live on air or may move global populations to buy products and services, ‘live’ and akin to the techniques used on television shopping channels. Whoever is out there to pick up the challenge, I think they will dominate the internet and help it come of age.

If you wish to move-on your wish to get on-board and harness the benefits of a sympathetic Net Jockey, for events of the ‘now’ – contact me

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