The Good Life at HoBB Garden Grid ref. 273/02 [H27]

The Good Life at HoBB Garden Grid ref. 273/02 [H27]I think I’ve lost the label on these Raspberries somewhere. No idea now what they are called; some name like ‘Glen…’, but they taste great and I know we paid £5 for 35 plants at auction in one of our best ever ‘deals’ yet at Kingsland’s Wednesday Night Sales.

– If I spent less time writing this log, I’d be down there more often and might be tempted to lash out another five pounds.
As they are planted at the edge of our water meadow, they are always juicy and if I read up on ‘cuttings’, I should be able to propagate enough to have a raspberry festival ……….. plenty of light dustings of sugar and a specific cream we have found that is excellent made by Longley Farm.

If you want to know about the Good Life, it’s all about picking food immediately before you eat it.

Around October each year we go on fungi forays and have fantastic fry-ups. As natural re-cyclers of materials we have an affinity with fungi and simply love discovering them whether or not they are worth eating. We’ve been sent some information on the large number of edible species now available for home growing and we think we can set up the right conditions to ensure a fun fungi festival too!

I’ll return to add to this blog after we have had a go. If you want to put the wheels in motion yourself and would like to work alongside a couple of fun funky fungi partners, contact us and we’ll tell you all we know about the Good life of Fungi as well as Raspberries and Longley Farm cream!

Waves by the score and spore ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Earth Design – Feng Shui

Earth Design - Feng ShuiEarth Design – Feng Shui but far more ‘Earthy’ It is fun to try out something new and we are regularly involved in uplifting activities.

Our art and craft based activities are practical as we are working hard to make the HoBB into a useful place for friends to relax and work out. The HoBB is being designed to feel ‘enchanted’ – an atmosphere of intimate spaces where the spirit of open-minded enquiry can flourish. You are welcome to create a moment and surprise yourself by giving us a hand on ‘whatever’s next’.

The nature around here is inspiring whether you explore the rolling hills on foot or contemplate the essential nature of human existence by a roaring open fire in winter between bites of roasted chestnut and Welsh pancakes.

Everyone should take the opportunity to develop their own lifestyle and examine the way they ‘walk the walk’ because the journey ahead should be full of fun and progressive activity.

We learn as we go and culture new friends who come to discuss their projects and also give us a hand with ours; you are welcome to contact us and find out “What’s Happening” now. If you feel like sharing time at the HoBB, get in touch.

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant