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Kudo under constructionI have just spent one week at The HoBB, working on various projects with other residents, and these experiences have incorporated a dimension which has not been present in many of my other *wwoofing experiences (or at least not to the same extent).
This dimension concerns the need to incorporate our own individuality into our everyday lives – and not just in a peripheral manner, but ‘within the roots’ of that which determines the shape of our day-to-day lives.

With many other environments, which may be compared with The HoBB, the sheer weight of ‘practical necessity’ often makes it difficult to create a truly fertile environment, in which every person’s individuality is given the air which it needs to breathe. But life at the Hobb seemed to provide a healthy contrast to this – and on each day of my short visit it almost felt like there was some kind of intangible and unfamiliar presence reaching out to grab hold of something within me and drag it out into the open !!

Unfortunately, I am not accustomed to this presence, in this particular form, and this lack of familiarity meant that within the space of one week I only had the opportunity to shake hands and exchange a few winks with it !! But this was sufficient encouragement for me to make some modest contributions to life at The Hobb – which involved some kind of personal creativity and expression from myself.

For example, I was engaged in the creative process of producing some decorative cement tiles – and in other environments this would have made me feel like I was doing something non-essential or even indulgent. But the environment at The HoBB made me feel that by applying myself to this activity I was simply responding to another basic human need – and it seems to me that within the context of a short, one-week visit The HoBB put me in touch with this basic truth in a way which was particularly effective and liberating. And I think that this is the best way of summarising my visit to the HoBB.

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Sietske van der Veen

Artist in ResidenceSietske van der Veen, our favourite exponent of ‘New Dutch Enchantism’, took a journey with us during a week long ‘Artist in Residence at The HoBB’, and explored:

Image Capture;
Image Awareness;
Image Creation and
Portfolio Presentation.

Van der Veen’s style is to weave established graphic icons into enchanted landscapes creating the ‘natural form graphic’ somewhat reminiscent of the ‘Arts and Craft’ approach pursued by the ‘William Morris Company’ in 19th Century England.

Whilst Van der Veen’s work includes a delightful mix of endearing pattern, she often overlays it with an inner world of fun and mischief, creating a far ‘lighter-surreal’ than the deep meaningful surreal the World associates with artists like Dali and Bosch.

Influenced by the clear star-lit skies of the HoBB’s ideal country setting for artists, Van der Veen revisited her early interest in stars and picked-vegetation for the table, to produce some fine ‘astro-gastronomic’ pieces described as ‘Abstract Permutations unearthed from Natures’ ordered chaos’.

I have no personal idea whether they represent ‘unhinged irrationalism’ or some ‘New Dutch Order’, but I can assure you that the works were certainly edible (see pictures).

Two early works of Van der Veen’s are now in the HoBB Permanent Collections for we have now purchased a print , “Pattern’s Domain” to go with our miniature landscape, ‘Small World III’, depicting a bio-niche where toadstools have mushroomed out after those famous warm moist weather moments well known in this part of the UK.

Van der Veen has a constant interest in motif, especially dice, and her enthusiasm for exploring order within natural settings, pulls viewers into her enchanted dreamscapes, especially those who can walk with ease into the paintings of Miro, Kandinsky, Klee and Ernst.

‘Artist’s in Residence’ at The HoBB, UK
New Artists interested in a HoBB Residency should apply in writing for further information and an Application Form.

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