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IMAGENAMEHEREDo you believe you “get out of life what you to put into it’?

Recently, I heard of an orphan, now 22 yrs of age, who left his homeland orphanage on the other side of the world and traveled to the UK in search of a better life. His orphanage upbringing had conditioned him to believe that the outside world provided everything. Consequently, he had no idea of applying himself to achieve his goals. On arrival in the UK he expected the world-on-a-plate. Was his education well designed and ‘fit for task’?

Hopefully, all parents, guardians and teachers in the UK provide a wide educational view of reality within a complex world; but how do we make sure this happens globally?

Margaret Fuller wrote in 1855: “Children need some childish talk, some childish play, some childish books. But they also need, and need more, difficulties to overcome, and a sense of the vast mysteries which the progress of their intelligence shall aide them to unravel. This sense is naturally their delight … and it must not be dulled by premature explanations or subterfuges of any kind”.

Do we all like the World we have collectively designed for ourselves so far?

If the world we have now is the sum total of everyone’s historical effort and input we need to ask ourselves, ‘do we like where we are and do we wish to continue on the road we are upon?’ Young children have confidence in adults and listen to the stories we tell. However, our storytelling merely perpetuates both our fundamental cultural values and our myths.

As we tell and re-tell our stories to each other and to each new generation we focus our thoughts and pave the way to our future – a deep rooted ‘by design’ process that takes an age to evolve.

Whilst ‘to educate’ is the role Society should give to its wisest adults, our handed-on findings and thoughts should always be accompanied by a request that each new generation challenges itself to re-evaluate all things from the past.

Designing today for tomorrow.

As a designer, I do believe that you get out what you put in and I take every care to get the recipe right whether I am designing a reference, an important message, a place of happiness, a moment of time or any other facet produced to conquer the challenges of today for the world of tomorrow.

This website contains samples of my developing depth of thought and quality of deed – ‘design for design’s sake is not my creed’.

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A visit from BookBod

IMAGENAMEHEREA terrific range of imaginative storytelling methods, character voices and accents along with acting, singing and artistic skills make BookBod the ideal visitor for your event.

You can contact BookBod at the HoBB (`Home of BookBod`).

As it is good to know a little background about a visitor before meeting them for the first time, we emailed BookBod a few probing questions and here are the answers:


Your name


Binder, collator, developer, researcher and presenter of all manner of stories.

As a time guide, my age has overtaken time itself.

Best friends
ClueBod and my horse.

I love very brightly colourful food and the darkest food – liquorice root sticks, especially when tied into impossible knots before eating.

Travel experience
I have visited many ‘Big Bangs’ but only one recent galaxy closure which was a bit sad but very moving.

The list is short. I rarely blink and I’m sometimes bothered by my height on Earth.


Information and disinformation, fact, myth and mirth. I like swimming in waters of wide opinions, attitudes and views. My HoBBy is Bookbinding.

Whilst here, I joined the British Library, Butterfly Conservation, IPG (International Publishers Guild) and the Milky Way Archive Project.

Favourite Links
Bodleian Library, Oxford.
British Film and Strange Sound Library

Favourite Earth Characters
Merlin, Father Time, Dr.Who, Nostradamus and Gina (who found me stables a great parking place for my caravan)

Music while you work
Wind blowing through Autumn trees by the bank side of highland streams in spate.

Favourite drink at Work
Spring water drawn in Summer.

Preferred method of transport
Portable Green Light beams.

Favourite restaurant
Lucciano’s Pasta Bar the end of the Omniverse

Something that should be done
Phone home.

Biggest challenge
Making myself understood in Earth Language.



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