A snapshot of our recent drawn Image Projects includes:

A group of dinosaur characters (early stages for a pitch). One designed to be a soft toy.
Two maps (Ready for site interpretation board)
Three golden torcs (Tenders for plated base metal sought)
A family of elves, imps, goblins (For a series of Children’s Books)
Elf houses and scenery (For photo-shoots)
Cinderella characters (For a Braille Moon publication)
Rabbit lost property operatives (For Children’s Book)
A Ragdoll toy (To accompany a Children’s Book)

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Pam and Pat

Pam is thrifty, loves to knit
Pat is fifty two.
Both are busy as you see
Making clothes for you.

Each design is cut and sewn
Each requires a name
Pat is modeling ‘Jester’
Pam wears ‘Quilt’ again.

When you have a birthday
Be sure to see their store
Of fancy hats, fancy shoes
Fancy gloves and more.

Illustration : Ollie Tomlinson

(c) 1996, 2010 World of Water (Reg. Charity 327188)