Coffee Chats

Whether you upload to YouTube or perform your poems, plays, music and stories live in your local pub, the World needs your creativity in its search for new directions.

Back in the 1700’s, they coined the phrase ‘Penny University’ (pun intended) for gatherings in coffee bars between wide spectrum groups of fresh thinkers and doers. Now, such groups gather in virtual “Coffee Chats” or in street “Chat Cafés”.

Join one. Join lots. Join the dots whether you’re standing at a water cooler,  waiting in a queue, grabbing a coffee break, loving an unplanned rave or smiling at someone who just sparks your interest.  Every moment needs your attention like never before.

So mix, because it’s only in the mix of creative ideas between musicians, writers; designers, engineers, MC’s, farmers , scientists, posties and programmers that the ‘new’ gets carved. Did I miss your skill at being yourself off this list? If I did, you’re on the extended list an so is whoever you meet.

Look for events. This one got publicity in the Telegraph:

“In Bishop’s Castle in the Clun Valley, the Rizla-rollers and the red-coated riders have two of the best watering holes in the county. At the bottom of a picturesque one-in-six gradient high street is the brightly painted Six Bells. The small two-room inn opposite the church has its own brewery producing Cloud Nine beer. It sells a host of fruit wines, including cowslip and dandelion, and holds “rhyme and tell” evenings and folk sessions.”  Full Story at

Explore sites:

Find ghost writers and writing partners through evolving stories on wattpad and there’s a host of illustrators, book designers, printers and publishers at jacketflap,

Find if you have written a book which is ready to go to print. If not, find a one-stop-publishing-shop. For example, I met  Bob Fowke just before Christmas at Knighton’s 2nd Literary Festival. He’s a true fountain of publishing knowledge.

Explore links:

I found a business café locally. Try a Chat Cafés with Penny Power backing – and change the social-to-business side of building communities.


Though I don’t have a link for scheduling coffee chats, I’m open to them.
If you think we have common ground to share, send me an message and let me know.

1906 Humourous Phases of Funny Faces in UK Chalk drawing


Whilst researching into very early animations from Little Nemo (1911) onwards

I found a gem of an animation from a few years earlier (1906) entitled “Humourous Phases of Funny Faces”.   It was chalk drawn by Englishman James Stuart Blackton in America and well worth capturing a look-see if your interested in the history side. 1906 Humourous Phases of Funny Faces in UK Chalk drawing

Now I’m interested in live realtime animation of holograms to augment reality. If you are too, let’s get started.

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