O.T.  O.S.O.S.S.
(On The Other Side Of Stripe Street)

On the other side of Stripe Street,
Outside the Yellow door,
There stands a man
with blue stripped pants
Each day at half past four.

He falls asleep upon one leg
His chin held by his hand
As a taller capped man cycles by
as if it had been planned

He never sees the sunflowers
And never smells their scent
His legs are clad in coloured bands
His arms ‘experiment’

I dream this cycle re-occurs
The reason ‘why‘ I yearn
But when I question mum she says
“It’s books you wanna learn”!



And with that trite and school-like quote
She makes her misdemeanour
For in my instinct I well know
The portent of a dreamer.
For dreams come first – then rationale,
Then schema, funds and action
The real-life stuff that factors growth
And punter satisfaction.”

On the other side of Stripe Street
I’ll reach that Yellow Door
To make my stand and find out what
My fellow man waits for.

(Grant 1996)


BRANCH TENET (Uncatalogued 2001) :
(The Beggar From Valhalla)

A Beggar from Valhalla
Would make a lovely pet.
I’d dye its hair a shade of Green,
its nails I would let grow.
I’d fly it free infront of me, on ropes,
and not let go.

I picked an Orange from Seville in Spain
a year ago.
I made it legs and trained it well but still
it’s walking slow.

A beggar from Valhalla
Would make a lovely kite
I’d feed it soup, religious verve, and
tuck it up at night,
then every morning ‘fore the streets
I’d force a breakfast bite
And re-inform its spirit, that
‘I knew God was right’.

My bird’s a beak,
its patter’s neat and kinda rough you know
It wears gold plumes and blusher
neath its French hat, called ‘Chapeau’.

And on a sad and lonely peg leg
was this run in shoe,
Worn-in some Man ankled manner
Now a paper tiger spanner
figure head – the flock to show,
which ways best, and lead the row.

A beggar from Valhalla
Would make a lovely pet.
I emailed Norse to send me one
But haven’t got it yet.

(Grant 2001)

From our original geocities site now archived at http://www.oocities.org/hobb_it/entrer/home/5/beggar_from_valhalla/beggar_from_valhalla.html