Rolls of 7.5cm wide copper for Land Snail Barrier

escargotWhen designing an escargot farm, some suggest that a 7.5 cm wide strip of copper will keep snails in external enclosures because they get a slight ‘shock’ when they try to glide over it. This, I assume, has an electric fence effect discharging [static?] static electricity as the snail slime touches the copper.

I’ll have a go at this idea at the HoBB to see if it works so if you have or know of any 7.5 cm wide copper strip, contact me. I have tried barriers of curved overhanging metal and even teasels but so far not discovered a barrier that works on all snail sizes and in all weathers.

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Uncle Calum works at farming
carrots, peas and beet.
Uncle Calum paints his beard
It’s always white and neat.
Carrots fly and turnips sing.
Beetroots dance a highland fling.
Uncle Calum Uncle Calum
He’s got tiny feet.

Uncle Calum plays a song
And pipes his Scottish clan.
Uncle Calum tried to farm
some sardines in a can.
Sweetcorn laughed and turnips too,
over boiled they taste like glue.
Uncle Calum Uncle Calum
Funny Pumpkin Man.

Illustration : Ollie Tomlinson

(c) 1996, 2010 World of Water (Reg. Charity 327188)