World of Water Volunteering

water VThrough the work of friends and volunteers, the HoBB Gardens continues to provide an outstanding countryside location for visitors to ‘rest, talk, think, walk, listen, work and play’ – together in shared understandings and actions.

We are always seeking new volunteers to help us with the myriad of projects and are ever thankful to the members of organisations like WWOOF (, Help Exchange and PAVO (Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations).

Garden volunteers work together to develop the HoBB Gardens into a peaceful place for meetings of mind and spirit amidst interesting plantings and landscape displays, all the while learning more about plants and gardening.

Many kinds of volunteers are needed including those with administrative skills and those who wish to help with special projects and events at the gardens throughout the year. Volunteers are also welcome to join our speaker’s bureau. These volunteers are then available to any organization wishing a presentation to learn more about our gardens and current activities.

Volunteers come for weekends/weeks/months. Local volunteers for a few hours each week.

Some volunteers support online from home.

WoW volunteers tackle a variety of projects from admin., research, field centre maintenance, construction, food growing.

If you like gardening with water, you can come and dig in the dirt, plant, weed, mulch, trim, pleach, clear streams, mow, pick fruit in season, jump in leaves and learn more about plants.

If you want to learn more about water projects on the design, exhibition, research, construction, IT, and art side, there are also opportunities to jump in and make waves for us.

What do you need to bring?
Just your enthusiasm and if you have green fingers, bring your favourite gardening shoes/ boots and gloves!

Come and join in the fun and help our charity with its water education work here at the HoBB and help us plan our future aid and outreach projects. We want all to enjoy water and care for waterlife.

World of Water (Reg.Charity 327188)
“Caring for the Solution”

WoW volunteer weekends and weeks are run at the HoBB through free membership of Visit our profile.


The Great HoBB Sycamore

The Great HoBB SycamoreOne of the largest landmarks here, the Great Sycamore, has recently had some tree surgery work on its lowest large branch to remove a ‘pond’ that formed since this branch cracked off near the trunk over 10 years ago. The exposed heart-wood rotten down creating a hollow for water which reached into the main heart wood of the trunk.

It has dried out now. As long as the tree itself doesn’t grow to seal the hole cut to ensure all rain water drains out, then the ponding will not occur again.

Like all good life, please send it your best wishes for a healthy recovery. It’s the Largest Sycamore at HoBB Real and shades many a picnicking friend.

Thanks to all on the ICQ Gardening Message Boards and those at the Yahoo Club ‘Crazy Gardeners’ for all their tips. All best to your long life. Thank you.

Waves ~~~ from the tree tops ~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant