Thief of ‘Watering Hole’ Paintings

One of two paintings stolen from the BMI GalleryTwo paintings have been stolen from a Gallery in Birmingham. They were part of a series of thirteen watercolours we produced entitled “Watering Holes”. A spokesperson for the Gallery area at The Birmingham Midland Institute said that they were almost certainly stolen by an insider as no break-in evidence has been found.

When your paintings attract the attention of art thieves, they must be good hey!

Somewhere, these two paintings are being stored or have been sold to unsuspecting customers. They were on sale to raise funds for the Children’s Environmental Charity, “World of Water” – hence the series title : ‘watering holes’.

We try to raise as much funds as possible for conservation. At the moment, the “World of Water” Charity (reg. in UK N0. 327188) needs funds and support to redesign its web site. If you go along to its web site at the moment ( you’ll see two pages and therefore understand the need to improve it. If you can help in any way, let us know.

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Touchstone your future; give yourself a P+G Friday

IMAGENAMEHEREJust done another ‘P+G Friday’ for a great cartoonist and writer who has invented a world of characters, ideal for 4 to 6 year olds.

When you have something that you want to ‘get across’ to another person or group, whether it is your personality, a concept, a great idea or product, and you’re not communicating it fast enough, come and pitch to us at a ‘P+G Friday’; meet over coffee – no cost – well you can buy the coffee!

We work at honing your ideas and suggesting how best to direct your energies. When you need a sounding board, we will be very straight with you and tell you exactly how your thoughts are coming across. If you want to work with us further and polish up your pitch, book an individual ‘P+G Weekend Work-out’.

‘Work-outs’ do exactly what they say on the can! We ‘work out’ with you the way forward so you can reach your horizons using the straightest possible road.

This is an invaluable experience, tailor-made and thus appropriate to you and your vision, so contact us now.