‘Drying House’ or ‘Boiler howk’

Drying House or Boiler howk1. a mid-building pod that feeds warmth to both HoBB barn and HoBB cottage, supporting the work of the log fires and issuing hot water on demand.

2. a place to hang clothes or herbs to dry.

3. a warm place to incubate seedlings.

Most boiler houses are utilitarian and designed to look un-inviting – I couldn’t go that Architectural Route.

Turning a notion into a reality requires an ability to plan, along with a ‘do it’ attitude. I have lectured on this subject in schools and universities but always to groups over a fixed time slot. Words alone can often kick-start thoughts but they seldom kick off actions.

At HoBB Real, we create the chance to work up the actual bricks and mortar of a friend’s project from a notion to its promotion. Friends from around the globe visit HoBB Real – a field of green, dedicated to the best of tomorrows.

And by the way, we’ve got more to do in and around the Drying House, so if you are a fan of Gaudi and enjoy the work of Dali, volunteer for a weekend of building reality and contact us.

Ok, the sun’s up and I am swapping HoBB Virtual for HoBB Real and after uploading this HoBBlog number 000096 , I’m off to walk the dog.

May your projects be prolific ~~~~~~~~~~~ waves from the Hills, <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Reed Bed

Reed BedWe’ll soon be knee deep in the fun of building a Water Reed (cut to provide thatching) bed to take all foul waste overflow and some overflow from a new grey water system. Water from this will then go through an osier bed.

This system will replace the present soak away once we have collected sufficient funds to do it all in “one go”. This is new to us, but having seen the involved system at the Earth Centre, U.K., we are looking for a simpler way about it with less plastic piping and formality.

As now is the time to grow the osier and the Water Reeds, ready for use, does anyone know a UK supplier of Water Reed – the type used for thatching that lasts longer than other thatching materials. At this stage, I don’t know the right species name to use when searching for the Reed. Anyone out there with any know-how > let us know, thank you

Waves ~~~~~ never stagnant here! ~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant