Les vers de terre nomade (The Nomadic Worms)s

It is not often that wwoof hosts work alongside wwoofers who are budding children’ book authors but this month here at the Hobb Gardens and Project House, Candice, our Wwoofer (www.wwoof.org) from France has been busy repairing the kitchen compost, planting lettuce, beans, hedge cutting, climbing castles…and writing a new children story about our local ELF.

Candice is with us for six weeks and will be visiting many borderland castles, improving her spoken English, eating, recycling all our kitchen waste, watching sheep, building paths and walls and probably teaching her hosts French. She is off to Sweden next for the Autumn semester at Uppsala Universitet to study economics and languages.

If you would like to read the children’s ELF story in French, I have included it below. If you prefer to read it in English, scroll down to below the French version.


Aujourd´hui Elf, Grande Sœur et Papy mangent un délicieux repas…

Tomates, concombres, carottes, salade, pommes, œufs….

Elf s´apprête à jeter les détritus à la poubelle lorsque Papy l´arrête.
« Non, Elf ne jette pas ςa ! Nos amis les vers de terre vont pouvoir se nourrir avec nos restes de nourriture. »

Elf le regarde étonné.

Il suit Papy dans le jardin. Papy regroupe des bouts de bois, une scie, un marteau et quelques vis. Deux heures plus tard, une cabane étrange se dresse devant eux.

Elf ne comprend toujours pas. Papy lui explique alors :

« C´est une cabane pour les vers de terre. Chaque jour tu leur apporteras à manger en leur donnant les restes de nos repas. Tu peux leur apporter des légumes ou des fruits. Ils vont se régaler.

De leur côté, ils vont participer à la production d´une terre fine et compacte qui s´appelera compost. Ce compost nous sera utile pour replanter des tomates, des salades… »

Elf comprend mieux maintenant. Il décide de partir à la recherche de vers de terre.

Sur son chemin, il en rencontre toute une tribu. Ce sont des vers de terre nomades : ils n´ont nulle part où aller.

Elf les invite alors à le suivre et leur promet un véritable festin.

A leur arrivée, les vers de terre croquent de bon cœur dans les trognons de pommes et les épluchures.

Le lendemain matin Elf s´habille en vitesse pour aller voir ses nouveaux amis.

Malheureusement, il n´y a plus personne dans la belle cabane que Papy a construite. Les vers sont partis.

Elf est triste et demande à son ami la taupe si elle n´aurait pas aperςu la tribu de vers de terre.

La taupe lui répond : « Oh oui je les ai vus ces petits vers et de très près. Le dernier était délicieux, bien dodu mais un peu difficile à mastiquer. »

Elf reste sans voix, la taupe a mangé un de ses amis. Il décide alors de poursuivre son chemin.

Elf rencontre en chemin son ami le lapin et lui demande s´il n´aurait pas aperςu la tribu de vers de terre.

Le lapin lui répond : « Oh oui je les ai vus ces petits vers et de très près. Ils m´ont traversé sous le nez et maintenant je suis en retard ! »

Elf poursuit son chemin et il rencontre son ami le blaireau. Blaireau veut bien l´aider à chercher la tribu de vers de terre. Il fouille, renifle, creuse des trous….
Une heure plus tard, Elf et Blaireau retrouvent la trace des vers de terre.

Elf leur demande la raison de leur départ. Le chef des vers de terre prend la parole :
« Nous ne pouvons rester longtemps dans le même endroit. Nous sommes des vers de terre nomades. Nous voyageons sans cesse. »

Elf leur répond alors : « Papy vous a construit une charmante cabane où vous pouvez rester toute votre vie. Personne ne viendra vous embêter, pas même la taupe. »

Les vers de terre se regardent étonnés. Ils aiment bien trop leur indépendance et leur liberté et n´ont aucune envie de rester dans la même cabane toute leur vie.

Elf s´apprête à renoncer lorsqu´un couple de vers de terre s´avance vers lui. Ils veulent bien venir vivre dans la charmante cabane. Ils en ont un peu marre de voyager sans cesse.

Elf est fou de joie et ramène ses petits amis avec lui.

Un accueil chaleureux les attend. Papy et Grande Sœur ont accroché des banderoles pour fêter leur retour.

Depuis ce jour, le couple vécut heureux dans la cabane de Papy et eut beaucoup de bébés vers de terre.



The Nomadic Worms

Today, Elf, Big Sis and Grandad are having a delicious meal.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, salad, apples, eggs…

Elf is about to throw the remains in the dustbin when Grandad stops him.

“ No, Elf! Do not throw this away! Our friends, the worms are going to have a proper treat with our remains.”

Elf looks at him. He is amazed.

He follows Grandad in the garden. Grandad collects a few pieces of wood, a saw, a hammer and some nails. Two hours later, an odd hut stands in front of them.

Elf still does not understand. Then Grandad explains to him:

“ This is a special small hut for the worms. Each day, you will bring them some food from the remains of our meals. You can bring them vegetable or fruit peelings. They will enjoy it.

They will produce really good soil called compost. This compost will be useful to
replant things like tomatoes or lettuces.

Elf understands better now. He decides to go off looking for worms.

On his way, he meets a whole tribe of worms. They are nomad worms: they do not have a house of their own.

Elf invites them to follow him and he promises them a proper treat.

On arrival, the worms enjoy eating vegetable and fruit peelings heartily.

The next morning, Elf puts his clothes on quickly to go and see his new friends.

Sadly, the worms are gone. There is nobody in the special worm hut.

Elf asks his friend, the mole, whether she had seen the tribe of worms.

“ Yes, I saw these little worms. One of them was delicious, plump but

a bit chewy.”

Elf is speechless. The mole has eaten one of his friends. He turns his back on the mole and goes off to find the rest.

Along the way, Elf meets his friend, the rabbit, and asks him whether he has seen a tribe of worms.

“ Yes, I saw a group of plump happy worms. They passed in front of me –very slowly, and now I am late.

Elf carries on his path and meets his friend the badger. Badger is willing to help Elf look for the tribe of worms. He digs holes, sniffs and fumbles. One hour later, Elf and Badger find them.

Elf asks the worms the reason for their departure. The worms’ chief says: “ We cannot stay in the same place. We are nomad worms. We never stop travelling.”

Then Elf answers: “ Grandad built you a special hut where you can stay as long as you wish.

Nobody will bother you there, not even the mole.”

The worms look at each other quite stunned. They love freedom and independence too much.

They don’t want to live in the same place for all of their lives.

Elf is about to give up when suddenly a couple of worms move towards him. They would love to come and live in Grandad’s hut. They are fed up with travelling.

Elf is really happy and he takes his friends back with him.

They have a warm worm welcome. Grandad and Big Sis have hung up some streamers to celebrate their arrival.

The couple of worms lived happily in their hut and had many baby worms.

Monika E. at the HoBB

The Hyde (or Hide) at the HoBB Gardens and Project House“In the majority of cases, it is not a good solution to run away or to flee from situations, circumstances or incidents which do not fit in your current life. But summer came and my first thought was to escape my ordinary every-day life that has asserted itself during the first weeks of my holidays.

Looking retrospectively at the last weeks, my decision to go to Wales and spend one week at The HoBB was a great opportunity and most welcomed chance to leave behind everything that hindered me getting a free mind and enjoying my free time.

My stay at The HoBB can be described as an experiment – not at least because it was my first time as a WWOOFer.

I really enjoyed being faced with challenges and complications and was happy that I was able to succeed in doing things I have never done before. It was a great feeling to see things growing under my own hands and to create something new that has been affected by my own ideas and imagination.

During your stay at The HoBB you can learn to understand what it means to exceed your own boundaries no matter whether they are mental or emotional.

I have discovered a different way to sense my environment whilst seeing myself and the world we are living in from a different angle.

My aim was to learn from this huge amount of impressions you can receive at the Hobb. I achieved my aim, but I have found so much more than I have expected to.

If you go to The HoBB you will make new experiences and start looking at things from a different perspective. In addition, you will get to know two very interesting, lovely and creative persons with a great sense of humour who are probably crazy as well.

I am really looking forward to staying at The HoBB again”

(Guest HoBBlog posted by Monika E.)