Culturing life off the Drawing Board

Culturing life off the Drawing BoardI worked on a drawing board for ten years. Thousands of ideas crossed my mind whilst working on the thousands of ideas of others.

To get ideas off the drawing board and into a tangible state you need the sort of energy and drive a salmon has to reach its spawning grounds.

The salmon feels the know-how of the climb even when unable to know exactly how the climb will go. With memory (yes, fish do have a memory – including goldfish) and intent, fish like salmon and eels swim to their origins.

We can all swim to our origins if the waters are kept clear.

Alongside the ‘Trickle’, at the bottom of HoBB Land, we care for several trees near the little Mid-Wales Railway Line, continuing the work of the previous two owners of these lands since the mid 1900’s – these are Celtic parts where much Celtic lore remains!

Hazel still grows alongside the water’s edge, as hazel and water are well connected in Celtic lore:

“The spring of Segais in the Land of Promise was both the source of all knowledge and traditionally the source of the Rivers Boyne and Shannon. Hazel trees grew around it, and as their nuts fell into the spring they produced bubbles of inspiration or were quickly eaten by the salmon of knowledge.”

By growing bubbles of inspiration at the HoBB and understanding the energy and drive of wild salmon, we hope to gain more understanding of knowledge.

If your ideas remain on your drawing board you remain a farmed salmon in a cage with a regulated ending.

Waves, not ripples or trickles, from HoBB Real ~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Reed Mace marks out Cattle Grid at HoBB grid point 285 [I27]

Reed Mace marks out Cattle Grid at HoBB grid point 285 [I27]Got a couple of cattle grids you don’t want (In the UK!)? The HoBB Gardens will gladly re-cycle them; contact us!

If you pop and visit HoBB Real you’ll find out why. You will experience a tight bend at the top gate then a slope. These two ‘features’ stop delivery vehicles driving down so they unload at the top whilst blocking the lane to traffic.

The horse and cart ruled when the Farmhouse and neighbouring Vineyard were originally constructed as so few courier companies use them now, some changes need to be made. Thankfully we have the space to built up the land at the top, to the same level as the lane, and provide a pull-in and construct a cattle grid. Have you ever constructed a cattle grid? Fancy constructing another? Let us know.

When the cattle grids are found/ acquired or otherwise ‘obtained’ there will be a lot of work involved putting them in so we’ll need a fair few helpers. At the moment, the site for one of the grids is hosting a Reed Mace bed – very grand plants that are great for flower arrangements and their fluffy seeds can be used to insulate or provide a soft pillow filling for a camper’s night. They sometimes make an appearance on the HoBB dining table for a tasty change to regular vegetables and it is fun to put their pollen into pancakes and omelettes.

All volunteering follows the example so wonderfully set by

Waves from the green hills and valleys ~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant