Net Jockey

Net JockeyWith broadband, cam, microphone, video footage, stills and text at the fingertips of home based web users, the birth of the ‘Net-Jockey’ boom is really upon us.

(If you manufacture ‘blue screen’ technology for TV/ Film Industry , contact me for a business proposal)

Soon, top net nights and net days will be broadcast to homes, clubs and pubs with the potential of reaching audiences far larger than any auditorium can hold. These net jockey hosted events will be live, interactive and ‘dangerous’.

The mood of the moment is for easy to manage technology where as much as possible is automated. Seamless professional presenting has never been so achievable but during the fame rush for most of these new net-jockeys, we’ll see a lot of dodgy mixers with cackhanded MC-ing.

Net Jockeys may even claim the world of politics whilst live on air or may move global populations to buy products and services, ‘live’ and akin to the techniques used on television shopping channels. Whoever is out there to pick up the challenge, I think they will dominate the internet and help it come of age.

If you wish to move-on your wish to get on-board and harness the benefits of a sympathetic Net Jockey, for events of the ‘now’ – contact me

Waves in the making ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ MC Grant

Heavy Metal Vice

Vice  - amidst all this virtue!This BIG vice was found rusting away at Aber-Gwen Woollen Mill in 1978, and it’s been a useful part of the growing ‘family’ of friends ever since.

If for one moment we consider superstring theory to be so crazy that it might hold some possibilities, then for that (brief?) moment, everything in the known physical multiverse is related to everything. That vice is as much one of my cousins as you are, Cousin!

I have always felt ‘at one’ with everything and maybe, vice versa. But some things like this chunky iron vice have a quality to them that I personally understand. Whereas, with the ever complex technologies today, they need large teams to understand them and no individual can thoroughly troubleshoot.

Such extremes of technology no longer conjoin easily. I am comfortable with the cold chunky iron vice and it’s very real. The Herculean work of particle splitters and space explorers is more flaky in my mind because it updates so rapidly and spawns so many differing opinions.

If all goes according to plan (or fate) , all those that think about the ‘theory of everything’ will form a theocracy (or is it ‘Theo-crazy’) made up of theologians, theo-logins and theo-rists, whilst I put the kettle on at the HoBB and make some actual tea.

Though ‘ideas’ are sweet to speculate upon, practical outcomes are sweeter.

Solid waves of action ~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant