Rhwydwaith Arloeswyr Cymru (Wales Innovators Network)

“Having the idea is very often the ‘easy bit’ – transforming inventive ideas into practical innovations for the market place is more difficult.”   (WIN – Wales Innovators Network,  2006)

Clutching a folio of over 100 product ideas, I attended my first WIN meeting in Newtown College, confident that together with a Mid Wales team of individual innovators and inventors, their support and practical assistance would progress each idea from screen and onto the shelves of the World. Thankfully, I awoke from this dream and those ideas remained uncommercialised. The Wales Innovators Network stopped meeting in Newtown and over time, stopped their Cardiff meetings too.

But if you imagine that the innovative ways of Wales cooled in any way, think on, because although WIN may have gone WIN grows on.

When getting together with a few members to ponder on “Whatever happened to WIN?” we discovered a WIN that’s at the forefront of innovative projects in Wales, namely the ‘Wales Innovation Network‘.

Perhaps the time is right to re-open that folio of 100 ideas and break some new ground with some new inventor-entrepreneurs and product champions!

Long live WIN