Stories Live and in the Making

Storytelling and Poetry Slams 2020
at the Rhyme and Tell Club
4th Sunday of each month. 8.00pm
Six Bells Brewery & Pub
Bishop’s Castle, Church St., Shropshire. SY9 5AA

After five years of performing stories and poems here at the HoBB and at public readings and slams I’ve started to record a few. Here’s a link to my first – Bellarach.

Vids next, although I don’t know much about editing so things get uploaded unedited, raw / first take.  Don’t just take my word for it, go and look at our first animation film shot at the HoBB for the World of Water charity whilst making pizza in the dark.

I like to collaborate on all my projects and Little People Books launched with the help of fellow artists Peter Scott  and Mitch Mitchell.

When in Bishop’s Castle, call in at the first Poetry Pharmacy in the World

Here’s some screen shots of our first web site which is now archived and here to remind me to do the podcasts.