The Pin Age

We have knocked lumps of smooth flint into pointy bits for arrow heads.
We have carved curves and slabs from demolished trees to create detached cave dwellings.
And soon after creating metal, we cast the dagger and formed the bullet shaped rocket.
We did well, but as each power bubble inflated its supreme power holder, others made more effective pins.

The Pin, by Grant

Equally global for needling cloth together…
Phat’n’ phunky and grouped into 8’s, 3’s, 24’s or ‘mores’ for the back-ends of electric wire connects…
Wrapped co-axially for unbelievable power communication cross cultures…
Bent in Spring to drive time pieces…
Soldered and Pumping multi-message…
Readying the Suburban Universe of Interactive TV Jockeys…
Putting an equal foot on your stairs for Tribal grit…
Totally Trashing the growth in forest devastation…
Aiding Fusion of the F1ip Resource…
Gripping bone to bone …. “how is that ankle?”
Holding back and holding in …
The pin,
the pin.

Irene Clasper – Hahaha…. you really seemed to have covered all Grant superb right did your job really well I really liked the way you put in that question to match the flow!!!
5 months ahead
10 months – in the middle, now.
This moment’s “Thank You” now arrives
Your comment everfresh
Each “ha” still echoes
In the page’s hall
Of thoughtful thoughts
To one, Grant, and beyond to all.
Lady Sapph – This was super quirky, inspiring, and completely immersing.  I love the specks of alliteration which gave it a nice flow and tied the whole piece together. Great job!.

GrantoftheHoBB – Thanks Lady Sapph. Those same words have been used for my illustrations. Maybe the World is trying to tell me something and maybe, just maybe, I’ll open the eyes of my ears and see what it hears.

I’m off to look at a few of your poems now … couldn’t resist!

Thanks again