ebooks to unfold, jump and dart about on your screen

IMAGENAMEHEREThere’s a new world of digital laws on the horizon, all set to change the very nature of publishing, allowing ebooks to be very different.

LPB (Little People Books) has one priority, to explore this new world and, in the words of children’s book author Rebecca Davies, keep it “full of new pirates and dragons, new dinosaurs and time machines, new aliens and regular kids in extraordinary situations.”

Under construction (as I type) is a new, and obviously very secret, den for digital storytellers. These tale spinners are working hard and subjecting themselves to all manner of magical myth and fable, to create a collection of ebooks for you to chop, change, juggle, share, adapt and enjoy TO THE FULL.

This blog – this very page, will bring you the news as it grows. In the meantime, visit Blu for a fun alternative view.

Whose Book Is It Anyway?