ebooks to unfold, jump and dart about on your screen

The nature of publishing is awakening

Stay with us.

First the physical elf book,
then the digital screen,
now reality augmented,
next, fantasy made real.


In the words of children’s book author Rebecca Davies, keep it:

“full of new pirates and dragons, new dinosaurs and time machines, new aliens
and regular kids in extraordinary situations.”

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At Little People Books, our tale spinners are working to integrate AI and augmented reality experiences with both online  and offline experiences. This has meant subjecting them to all manner of digital magical, myth and fable, to create our first ebooks ready for our readers to share, edit and enjoy TO THE MAX.
Blu Animations everywhere
Whose Book Is It Anyway? LIVE STORYTELLING

More Dragons!

Preview scene from the ‘Nine Tenets’. Little People Books