Art Playshops at the HoBB

000200More art nowadays is stripped of its creator.

Fractal generators delight the eye

Machinimators film interactive games

CAD/CAM machines produce sculptures

Factory artists produce endless originals for indistinct walls.

Where’s the fun in Art happening? Here at the HoBB!

HoBB Art playshops are for friends who feel the natural urge to really play. At the HoBB we play with shapes, space, materials and colour; no one knows what the results are going to be; they may cause laughter, make you think, bring delight or result in something magic – it’s the liberating activity of the game that counts, and not the results.

If you feel the urge to be totally creative, we’ll encourage your living imagination and give you the experience of achieving entirely original results. There’s no place or play like the ‘HoBB’, so make time for yourself, re-discover the fun of art and get in touch

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* Picture shows one of a series of hand made paper-sculpts made by one of the volunteers at HoBB Real. Other things made during such play can be seen throughout this web site