IvyHedera helix Kolibri
Petites feuilles, vert clair, avec des nervures vert tres clair.
(Pendant, soleil)

Holding a steep 45 degree bank of earth together whilst moles try to live within is not too easy as each time a mole disturbs the earth it cascades.

Hopefully, the roots of Hedera helix Kolibri will emesh the bank and restrict the moles’ activities

Hedera helix Albany
Longues feuilles, vertes foncees, avec cinq doigts pointus.
(Grimpant, qui s’ettend, semi-ombre, ombre)

For ages, our “young” dog, Tuppence, has enjoyed popping through to the next door neighbours under a hedge-line to scrump for apples in Autumn. Today, with the help of Hedera helix Albany, the gap under the hedge is now filled.

The National Hedera Collection is at Erddig (think this is how you spell it!) and whilst there is no Welsh National Hedera Collection, we have over 83 varieties at the HoBB. If you are keen on gardening with Hedera or have any tips you would like to send us, please drop us an email.

( French help by the one and only Eva Booth)