Feed your Brain into good Health too

The yCartoons scissors two kids toon © LPB All Rights Reservedoung mind is positively active and eager to “look around and explore new territory”. It’s getting a ‘buzz’ from this so does it more. But the mind ‘feeds’ in many, often unseen ways.

Everyone knows that the body depends upon good food and care, but few realise that it is as important to care for what the brain “eats”. The brain’s nourishment comes from millions of daily ‘inputs’ and nowadays, these can include very negative ones. Too often, for example, we willingly allow ourselves to be force-fed media ‘attitudes’ or ‘political values’ which our minds readily start processing. If, in the process of building our own knowledge garden, our minds sponge up everything, then we take in all the weeds and muck in the process.

If we are bad or inexperienced at tending our own Knowledge Garden, we take on board most things we experience i.e. “The muck sticks”. The more we let this happen, the greater the danger we all face, together, of becoming a part of that which is ‘without’ and may have been concocted for commercial or social gain, and less in tune with that which is ‘within’.

Long into the winter evenings, by the HoBB log fires, we often enjoy discussing the progress of mankind with friends; exploring the many varied missions, goals, horizons, dreams and aims we all witness and often support.

We are very positive towards the World and keep smiling because we take a very personal and creative stance, always promoting the individual initiative. Many individuals visiting the HoBB have personal wishes and many want to help the World’s ‘bigger picture’ so if the dreams are great, we always make the time to help turn around wishes into stage by stage progressions.

If you have big wishes for self or planet, get in contact. And if you are keen to find out what your brain has been ‘eating’ recently, email us and come and have some fun at the HoBB researching those mind eating habits of yours!