Life tuning and turning through Life Expansion Experiences

Life tuning and turning through Life Expansion ExperiencesWe are always working to evolve a better environment at the HoBB, where friends can re-tune and re-align their intuitive ‘self’. An America friend, Meghan, calls this ‘life expansion experiences’. The motto of “Get out and try something totally different” springs to mind.

For us, we are simply trying ‘something different’ at the HoBB, then sharing it.

Most friends who pop over to see us at ‘HoBB Real’ tell us that there are always things going on and new things to see here. Even those who look over the postings here at HoBB Virtual conclude that everything at HoBB Real must be always busy. It’s not so that busy! I don’t view this sleepy backwater of trees and fields as being especially busy at all. It’s not a ‘busy place’ in the same way as London’s Piccadilly Circus or the trading floor of a stock exchange, nor is it like the last mid-summer watering hole for hosts of African desert wildlife.

The busy side of the HoBB occurs in the mind and part of it translates into a physical state.

As we would like to see more of our HoBBian thoughts materialise, we promote them here and in meetings, so if at any time you read of something that interests you and you would like to further it, contact us for an update.

Life exists to have ‘life expansion experiences’ and although I don’t suggest you do something every day to change your life, it would be a very interesting life if you did.

Expanding Waves from ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant