FGF Organisation Sponsors World of Water Charity

water palace exhibition WoW UK BirminghamI feel a bit bad about this one because I’m usually very good at giving credit where due but somehow, when the Charity I Chair, World of Water (WoW), received some support from the FGF Organisation in 1981, it didn’t get into our annual summary and get our fullest of thank yous.

We did write a thank you letter, and FGF got onto our eighteenth piece of Charity literature (‘W18’ for officianados of WoW literature), but for some unknown reason, no further. So I thought I could give them a special mention here and say that the blue foam offcuts they gave us were used throughout the Water Palace Exhibition (See Photograph) and many are still in use.

FGF had a base in Birmingham, UK, which is probably still there, but what prompted me to check our annual summaries was seeing their FGF logo on the side of a long vehicle when travelling up to the Earth Centre to perform some live storytelling for WoW

Anyway, thanks once again if you’re reading this and I hope things are going well for you and that you’re always on the look out for newer and more friendly ways to manufacture everything – it’s OK, I always say this to every manufacturer even the fruity ones that are making British Strawberry farming into a year-round industrial pursuit and not an agricultural one (Check it out!)

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