(National) Centre for Alternative Technology

(National) Centre for Alternative TechnologyWell, when I was digging out their water wheel shaft, days before the arrival of a new water wheel, it was the “National” C.A.T. so I have a ‘node/loop’ in my brain that needs by-passing to fix this CAT title!

I went up to CAT recently to find fibre glass moles and an aire of ‘theme park’ drifting in, but centrally, it is a few miles west of the HoBB and to this day, there’s nowhere like it. We were invited up to the ‘Earth Centre’ to do some ‘WoW Story Telling’ when it opened and whilst the whole place showed vast potential it failed to look attainable in the same CAT ‘backyard’ type of way.

I love CAT because it is so straight forward and touchable. There would have been one other place that I would love to have visited whilst it was still going, and that was the ‘New Alchemy Institute’ ( Look up Nancy Jack Todd; John Todd; Bill McLarney on a search and you will find more info.)

If you have not been to CAT yet, when you are over this way, remember to give yourself an extra day and go there. If you are touring around this area, don’t forget to see the architecture of Portmerion as well which is North West of the HoBB on the coast. Contact us if you want the local accomodation lists.

Also, I’ll post up something on how Portmerion has used perspective and colour. Portmerion is close and also well worth a visit when over in this area.

Alternative and ecologically friendly waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant