Mission Statement

Our mission is to evolve the HoBB Gardens and Project House into an increasingly useful place for friends to ‘be’ and develop their thoughts and ideas.

Before putting together a ‘Mission Statement’, I read several that were obviously written for large multi-national companies trying to show their share holders and staff that they had plenty of Direction and Drive ‘at the top’. They would nearly all then turn to their organization’s products, its services, markets and values; few would indicate their concern for people and this planet and even fewer would suggest activities towards securing a shared healthy survival.

I suppose I was not surprised that little of this applied to the HoBB but I had hoped that in these enlightened times of publishing such grand ‘Visions and Missions’ that more statements would look beyond economic gain to social and maybe spiritual gain.

The challenge before us all on this planet when we choose to face it, will be to hold ‘harmony’ and maintain balance in our developments. For the moment, a large Nation’s ability to sustain its development can too easily be assessed against the ease at which it can still manipulate World Markets – a measuring system riddled with problems. Politically, those intent on promoting common missions across Nations often suggest the way ahead is one of joint sustainable development but this requires a unified spirit with unified purpose which is something the World has more than likely never ever witnessed.

At the HoBB, we regularly witness that which can be achieved by individuals and it’s our mission to culture a positive climate that sustains this kind of development.

Everyone needs space to pause, take stock, and progress, so within our mission we welcome existing and new friends to the HoBB so as to make progress on their plans and often to think-through personal issues. All enjoy and contribute to the very positive ‘Spirit at the HoBB’.

We keep friends’ plans and project details personal and private at all times. Out of the 850 plus projects we have helped along since the mid 1980’s, many are now ‘public’, having been realised/ created. Those around this home web site are mainly our own projects – our own HoBBian mini-missions to improve the environment and add to its useful character.

“The HoBB” is our contribution to the way of the World and we look forward to hearing of your mission should you feel that you would like to contact us.

Grant & Helen
Resident ‘spirits’ at the HoBB

‘LIFE’, is a big project for each of us, often built on individual energy impulses yet forged into its shape because of collective interests. At the HoBB, we support one main Registered UK Charity “World of Water” [No. 327188] and its mission that does require a unified World spirit – ‘the maintenance of a clean water environment for all life forms’.

You may now make a safe contribution directly to this UK Charity : Lloyds TSB Sort Code : 30-00-03 . Account Number 02072260. This is the only account held by this Registered UK Charity whose details are kept up to date further to the requirements of HM Treasury, the National Criminal Intelligence Service and the Financial Services Authority here in the UK.