Our HoBB Web Log site is the Virtual Home of ‘HoBB Real’ – every home should have one.

Before launching this site, we would write and ring Friends around the World – though it’s true that getting up at 3.30 am (GMT) to talk to friends in New Zealand has been rare!

We have friends in many Countries now. Some left the UK in search of sunnier days and some are now back in their Home Countries after working for a while in the UK.

Those friends good at computer programming launched Home Web Sites ages ago, making their photographs and news one instant ‘click’ away. Whilst we have been garden-making and sending out ‘Little People Books’ – encapsulating a pictorial round-up of ‘HoBB Happenings’, which, too often would end being sent as Christmas or as New Year Cards!

Things have moved on. Since a great friend of ours, Bharat, introduced us to Web Logs and Blogging, we have been able to produce this Home Site for the HoBB and it will do so much more. For example, I would like to do some animation films and share those here. The great sounds around our countryside setting can now be shared and you too can be kept awake by the chomping of night time grass grazing sheep!

One day, we might rig up the system we need to broadcast live footage for you, then you can switch on to an interactive guided tour of ‘What’s New at HoBB Real’ in ‘Real-Time’ – bringing you all the sights and sounds of HoBB Real, LIVE, and ‘as they happen’!

The technology exists now but at present, my technological prowess and the funds to put it all together do not, so the World can remain calm a little longer !

It’s important to me that the Global Village grows – never daunted by the sudden vastness of this virtual social community. The size of the World Community has not changed but its habits are set to change beyond category, language and nationality.

Be part of the change; part of the next solution.