Vision Statement

When someone mentioned the idea of writing a vision statement at Business School, it was new to me then and most of my fellow students – we all put our futurist hats on and came up with visionary idealistic ideas.

On being told that originally, the vision statement was supposed to be ‘an attractive guide to encompass directions set out in strategic plans’ I put my pen down and have not faced the idea of writing a vision statement until now.

From those read recently, most are simply motivational tools and have little going for them other than their ability to rally people to a mission. For individuals who can be roused to support a group goal by a few words, these statements work like magic and it is well worth writing them. But as the HoBB supports individual growth, such statements need working out on a one-to-one basis, face-to-face or not at all. However, never daunted by a challenge, here’s our Vision Statement – test it on yourself and let us know if it works for you.

“For your visit to be of benefit, is all we intend;
that you support good progress, is all we wish”

OK – it’s more like a “Wish Statement” I agree!

Developing a Values Statement
Value Statements are worth writing and sharing as they say so much. If you ever want to know the reality of a group/individual watch closely how they behave over time and you’ll soon see if their deeds are as good as their words.

Values ‘evolve’. Some things that are of high importance one moment can rank lower in an instance but core values usually remain constant. If you find that your time and effort is being spent on stuff that is of low importance to you then you should be working through a plan to align your actual life with your preferred one.

At the HoBB, we are constantly ‘re-aligning’ ! It is so easy to get distracted but we stay on track because our core values illuminate the road ahead.

Step by step, bit by bit, this web site is in itself a developing Value Statement, tracking that which consumes our HoBBian time and effort.

And with this ‘track-record’ , you will see if our deeds are as good as our words.

Grant & Helen
Resident ‘spirits’ at the HoBB