More About Us

We all need to know we’re gaining ground.
It is important to balance achievements with self-congratulation.

A day at the HoBB
Each HoBB day starts with visualising the day ahead over breakfast before fresh action on a new project, or a “next” action following the previous day’s progress.

The afternoons are used for wrapping the challenging thoughts and actions of the morning into an ‘achievement’, so that by tea time we know exactly why we are congratulating ourselves.

In the breaks to prepare food; cook; eat; and relax, we jot down all the ‘random monkey thinkings’ that build up during the day. This is informal fun, but vital because if you ‘dwell’ on a thought throughout the day, or during a night’s sleep, it can drain the energies you need to develop your ideas.

We are in the countryside so it is peaceful. Sometimes, under a night sky of stars, there’s hardly a sound.  You’ll sleep well and should dream better here.

Dreaming well
You may dream bigger and better ‘dreams’. You may think that some of your thoughts are just ‘too big’ to happen, but by turning these into achievable building blocks and by making a start and focusing on your thoughts together with others, there’s a greater chance your dreams will arrive.

Book your visit to the HoBB Project House well in advance. If you are coming over to see us to progress your own thoughts into actions, your journey should start by chatting to us and exchanging several emails to get our minds pre-thinking for you.

To see good growth from that which we sow.
To start sowing the right plans early enough to bear fruit.
To care, from the embryonic stage, through incubation, to fruition – this is the HoBB way.