About Us

At the HoBB we culture good food for thought.

The HoBB is one of the very few Project Houses in the World located in an informal countryside setting where you will be given time and space to concentrate on your personal and business project.

At the HoBB, our work is to help you to produce the tools you need to promote your plans.

Some examples of our work include:

Design input to help communicate your ideas

Drawing up plans

Writing pitches.

The advantage of using a Project House is that here, these tools are produced live, real-time, and interactively alongside your direct input.

And …  as we progress your aims, we ask that you combine your skills with ours to help us progress our plans. This can be through help-in-kind, research, sponsoring a project or making a charity donation.

Through this flexible approach we are able to invest our time in supporting a wide range of People Projects.

5 other ways to interact with the HoBB Project House

Sharing skills directly with Volunteers     (A global Help Exchange Project)
Many students seek the opportunity to get out-of-town and into the countryside where they can put their energy to practical use. As members of Help Exchange, we provide ten places each year for international volunteers. Applications should be made online via the HoBB profile page at helpx.net.

FREE 1Hr Taster Sessions      (In support of Rural Growth Wales)
On application, we offer some free hour-long taster sessions at the HoBB most months where you can get to know us, see our work and discuss your own.  These are very popular and must be pre-booked. Your hour is reserved for you. These short taster sessions are totally FREE, no matter how useful you find them. (Small print: Only one free session per person and/or project per year)

Chat Café
If you have a group, it will be easier to visit you as space is limited at the HoBB unless we take over one of the fields and shift the sheep off. Give plenty of notice – say between 5 to 7 months, and you will get into the diary.

Meetings with groups are all informal ‘chat café’ style.

New and existing friends with dreams
Having helped thousands of projects since 1983, we enjoy continuing to support and promote many of the personalities behind them – contacts and friends who have shared their schemes and dreams and enabled us to progress ours.  The nature of some projects make them private and these are never published by us.  Those published on this website are all in the public domain.

Note for inventors
If your plans are developed but not yet patented, please use our free non-disclosure form or bring your own for us to sign. [Check Testimonials]

Our aims
“The HoBB” exists to add its best worth to the World as it turns. By combining our thoughts, actions and produce with the progress of all, we aim to give the most we can to those who follow.

Volunteering via wwoof.org.uk
Whilst general volunteering at the HoBB is arranged through ‘Help Exchange’ (www.helpx.net), specific volunteering on food growing is via the WWOOF scheme (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms www.wwoof.org.uk) or apply via our contact page.

Funding HoBB Projects and making a Charity Donation
We give our spare time to many individuals and community projects with far-reaching planet-friendly ideas . This can be remote, on site, or here at the HoBB during weekends. We welcome all sorts of support for our work, whether through donation of time, facilities, funds, materials or a legacy gift to our registered charity, World of Water (Reg. no. 327188). Thank you.

Gaining our support for your charity and community projects
Whenever we can, we will give time to realise or expand your community or charity plans. We’re good at moving plans out of their thinking stage, onto the ‘drawing board’ and into the field.  Organisers that come for a chat with us then go away and  arrange everything themselves are the very best.

If your charity or community organisation wishes our hands-on help, and we have the time and capacity, please consider making some donation to our charity – one which matches the value you place on our work.

Good Life ‘taster sessions’
We hold special ‘Good Life’ taster sessions for those wanting to live out-of-town. We organise these for individuals, couples or small groups who make a donation to support our ongoing charity work. What you experience on a taster session relates to the time of year and the projects we are doing at the time. We always try to provide as wide an experience as we can in the shortest time.

Sessions may include:
* Tree House  – fitting constructions around Nature
* Block wall building with macropiling
* Tree Circus Sculpting with ash, hazel.
* Concrete Sculpting
* Taking an idea from thought to design
* Growing from seed
* Stone Walling and reservoir building
* Managing Water
* Mosaic design and making
* Being very practical and physical
* Creating Woodland Paths, Steps and Ramps
* Slowing your pace outside the race
* Seasonal planning
* Shopping away from the giants
* Visualising the seen and the dream
* Understanding the growth of something often called ‘spirit’
* Outdoor cooking fun (On the HoBB Forge, Pizza Oven and Pam (‘hay’ box type of slow-cook)
* Community engagement
* Think-Tanking – like brainstorming but without the storm. Think more ‘lateral thought’.

If you would like updates on our new taster sessions use our contact page now and quiz us directly. We aim to answer messages daily during the week.

We believe that …
“We human beings are not designed to do anything except to direct our intention towards what we want to accomplish. Then, provided we continue to do this with compassion both for ourselves and the rest of life around us, sooner or later we bring into manifestation what our soul is seeking”         
(The late great Leslie Kenton)

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