U R ‘looking’, sitting in a summerhouse surmising on the big picture and the meaning of life …

ESTE (Everlasting Search for the Theory of Everything) whilst devoting my efforts to SETIF (Spiralling Effort Towards Infinite Fun), “It is important to steer your own ‘change of direction’ and to stride out for what you feel is right for you. Be interested, be very interested in yourself and your journey ahead.”

I’ve said the above words to many of my friends, many strangers and now you have read them; but the fun starts when you find that you are saying the words to yourself.

Of course it’s important to ‘find self’ and ‘be at one’. It keeps down stress, aids contentment and helps those around you, but a serious number of people seem to spend time looking in circles or circling around in the hope of some great realisation ….. Hello!?!

Media articles rattle on about dispelling negative influences, isolating your influences, and then give you a ten point questionnaire to see how you rate against your favourite movie or pop personality. I mean, that’s obviously enough to make your understanding of everything overflow to new limits isn’t it!

In short, I believe in “looking for it whilst you live it”. Whatever the reality of everything turns out to be, it won’t appear on your doorstep in a glossy magazine from anyone. But step over your doorstep and into the flamboyant, sometimes dull world, and you are more likely to get a fix on reality than any sit-at-home theorist.

By getting out and sharing your thoughts on everything, you are doing the world and yourself a service. It’s like the great SETI project (look it up), every bit of downtime processing goes to help. We all process ideas so we should all pool them to get the greatest results. And people with ideas and theories need to team up with rational, practical people who can put ideas into practise – this union is vital to the success of individual projects, global progress and will contribute to the theory of everything.

For example, HoBB Real ideas are fresh daily! Our flow of ideas range from the straight forward product that needs practical input to the more involved which needs more brain power. We get students here that are interested in adding real-time live projects to their CV in readiness for career interviews. We certainly get friends here that want to expand their experiences and tackle ‘something completely different’.

Entrepreneurs regularly find HoBB ideas ‘ripe for exploitation’ and it is always exciting to experience the flame of ‘Ideas People’ as they fathom new products and new services.

As I said earlier, I believe in “looking for it whilst you live it”, and by keeping up my subscription to ESTE (Everlasting Search for the Theory of Everything) whilst devoting my efforts to SETIF (Spiralling Effort Towards Infinite Fun), I contribute my thoughts and actions to the same end.

Anyone interested in growing a summerhouse whilst summarising the big picture and putting meaning into life should in all reality contact me.

Waves from the Hills and Valleys ~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< Grant