‘Drying House’ or ‘Boiler howk’

Drying House or Boiler howk1. a mid-building pod that feeds warmth to both HoBB barn and HoBB cottage, supporting the work of the log fires and issuing hot water on demand.

2. a place to hang clothes or herbs to dry.

3. a warm place to incubate seedlings.

Most boiler houses are utilitarian and designed to look un-inviting – I couldn’t go that Architectural Route.

Turning a notion into a reality requires an ability to plan, along with a ‘do it’ attitude. I have lectured on this subject in schools and universities but always to groups over a fixed time slot. Words alone can often kick-start thoughts but they seldom kick off actions.

At HoBB Real, we create the chance to work up the actual bricks and mortar of a friend’s project from a notion to its promotion. Friends from around the globe visit HoBB Real – a field of green, dedicated to the best of tomorrows.

And by the way, we’ve got more to do in and around the Drying House, so if you are a fan of Gaudi and enjoy the work of Dali, volunteer for a weekend of building reality and contact us.

Ok, the sun’s up and I am swapping HoBB Virtual for HoBB Real and after uploading this HoBBlog number 000096 , I’m off to walk the dog.

May your projects be prolific ~~~~~~~~~~~ waves from the Hills, <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant