A HoBB without a round ‘Hobbit Door’? Unthinkable!

A HoBB without a round ‘Hobbit Door’?  Unthinkable!Helen insisted that we build one round door at the HoBB, just in case a volunteer arrived with ‘hairy, leather-soled feet’.

As we were laying the concrete slabs on either side of this door, a ringed racing pigeon landed for a rest, prinked itself, and walked around a bit just long enough to leave its ‘mark’ in the middle of the concrete. I could have towelled over its foot prints, but what a great loss that would have been.

One good thing about it : since the slab was tagged by that one pigeon, no flocks have landed there.

INSET: From a location photo-shoot I recently self-directed (One way of saying that I took the photographs myself!) . These tags are human ones and if there were any pigeon additions I didn’t notice them. The photographs are to be used in a new book of poetry and writings.

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant