Saxifrage mounds hold on to life

Saxifrage mounds hold on to lifeThese rescued ‘tumps’ of saxifrage had been dumped in the local Forestry Car Park, and though brown and dried up when we found them, they now grow well and produce lovely flowers …. and aren’t they fun!

Plants can ‘live long and prosper’ too!
The HoBB Gardens can receive unwanted outdoor plants (zone temp. range around -3 degrees C. to +25 degrees C) for as long as we have a special place to house them, so please give your plants a longer life at the HoBB Gardens. (Sorry we are unable to collect at the moment)

But note that naturally, ‘naughty plants’ things like Ground Elder, Nettles, Oxford Ragwort and others from the range of so-called weeds are not the plants that any Gardener welcomes – even at the HoBB Gardens!

We’re at 850 ft above sea level and a bit windy in winter – orphan rubber trees might bounce back to you and until we get a tall greenhouse – so everything needs to be frost hardy. As you might guess, I’ve designed a greenhouse and we’re collecting oak timber and glass for it already.

If you have a plant that needs a home, hobnob with the HoBB and contact me.