Willow and Plum bower Call at grid ref. 158 H16

Willow and Plum bower Call at grid ref. 158 H16We’ve planted up a willow and plum bower that ‘grows’ itself around a ‘willow and hazel hurdle-edged seat’. It is named the ‘call’ because if you need to call to someone down by the bottom stream it is simply the very best place to stand.

The Plum tree was a rescue plant but in this case we know everything about its origin. It was growing too large for our friends garden near Birmingham (UK) so with some root balling and careful packing it was transported to HoBB Real – poking out of our roof window. It’s doing well and the original owners visit it whenever they wish …. “there is a part of HoBB Real that is for ever Dave and Linda’s”.

Thank you Dave and Linda – when it harvests, look out for the Special Reserve Edition of ‘Solsbury Hill Plum Conserve’ from the organic “Gardens of the HoBB” – a Helen Recipe with the secret ‘L’ ingredient.

Waves from the International Friendship Garden’ ~~~~ (Calls too) ~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~ ~ ~ Grant