The Great HoBB Sycamore

The Great HoBB SycamoreOne of the largest landmarks here, the Great Sycamore, has recently had some tree surgery work on its lowest large branch to remove a ‘pond’ that formed since this branch cracked off near the trunk over 10 years ago. The exposed heart-wood rotten down creating a hollow for water which reached into the main heart wood of the trunk.

It has dried out now. As long as the tree itself doesn’t grow to seal the hole cut to ensure all rain water drains out, then the ponding will not occur again.

Like all good life, please send it your best wishes for a healthy recovery. It’s the Largest Sycamore at HoBB Real and shades many a picnicking friend.

Thanks to all on the ICQ Gardening Message Boards and those at the Yahoo Club ‘Crazy Gardeners’ for all their tips. All best to your long life. Thank you.

Waves ~~~ from the tree tops ~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant