Reed Bed

Reed BedWe’ll soon be knee deep in the fun of building a Water Reed (cut to provide thatching) bed to take all foul waste overflow and some overflow from a new grey water system. Water from this will then go through an osier bed.

This system will replace the present soak away once we have collected sufficient funds to do it all in “one go”. This is new to us, but having seen the involved system at the Earth Centre, U.K., we are looking for a simpler way about it with less plastic piping and formality.

As now is the time to grow the osier and the Water Reeds, ready for use, does anyone know a UK supplier of Water Reed – the type used for thatching that lasts longer than other thatching materials. At this stage, I don’t know the right species name to use when searching for the Reed. Anyone out there with any know-how > let us know, thank you

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