Hop Boat

Hop BoatAdvert:

Five ‘male’ hop plants seeks female mate; must be prepared to re-locate to the HoBB Gardens or donate a cutting or root for a good cause : flowers!

Seriously, we do, as only the female plant produces the well loved flower garlands for drying and all of our hop plants at the HoBB are male.

We knew the need for a female hop plant thus realised we might get a male when buying our first Hop plant, but our second, and our third ..4th and 5th! For them all to turn out as male is against the odds.

Garden centres have no way of knowing which sex is which when the plants are less than 2 or 3 years old so I’m told, but of course they still sell all the young ones alongside photographs of the favoured female flowering gender.

So we are on the search for a female hop plant ‘guaranteed’. If you have a female (Hop Plant) or maybe you have some hop seeds, as we would definitely get one female from seed, please contact us and make five male plants very happy ;)

Waves from the World’s First Hop Dating Agency
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