State Recycling Compost

Robbing from the poor to sell to the poor?Robbing from the poor
to sell to the poor?


Richness is soil deep so we make every effort here at the HoBB Gardens to make it ever deeper by composting everything organic we can get our hands on. In one UK city however, the local authority encourages garden owners to give away their garden goodness then buy it back again.

I read an article about the Birmingham City Council (UK) who are discouraging the noble art of self-composting throughout the City by supporting a ‘garden waste’ scheme alongside their household waste collection.

The Council are saying, under the guise of ‘good environmental practice’, that householders should put all their garden cuttings, weeds etc. into specially provided green bags for Council collection. Of course, once the Council gets its hands on the nutrient-rich material, they simply compost it and offer it back for sale, probably to many of its original owners – pure genius at work or madness ? Both are supposed to be closely linked.

It can be easy to miss the plot as a consumer, but as a producer and profiteer the plot is very carefully scripted. ‘Value-added re-cycling’ can too easily become another way of selling consumables. If a manufacturer creates a product and/ or its ‘packaging’ specifically in a way that it can only be re-cycled at a further (designed) cost to the consumer then it makes a mockery of ‘re-cycling’.

Fancy breaking this encroaching circle? So do I.

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