The Theory of Everything according to Thomas Beddoes … OR

The Theory of Everything according to Thomas Beddoes … OR“Grant is turning out diagrams again to bring human thought into universal line”

Hi all (and everything out there),

“Nature’s polluted / There’s man in every secret corner of her / Doing damned wicked deeds.”

Whilst doing my own damned wicked things in my secret corner of the Universe i.e. setting up a seed composting bin, I was thinking of the ideas of Edwin A. Abbott (Flatland: a romance of many dimensions) and realised that ‘being a seed’ must be a position of great power.

Here I stood, gardening away like some Little Prince with a broom, perhaps playing at power shifting pods of great potential and all it would take is one quantum event and the HoBB Gardens might be thrown into a new magnificent crunch, moments before the dawn of a new ‘whatever’.

At times like this, it helps to contemplate with a cup of tea.

In my way of going about the ‘Theory of Everything’, setting up a separate composting ‘bin’ for all dubious weeds with their roots and seeds – not used as potting compost – was an appropriate thing to do at the time, so I did it. It seems equally appropriate at this very moment to be writing this Web Log.

It feels inappropriate however, and darned right wicked, to leave a trail of destruction in the wake of human ‘progress’ and in our daily wakings create ongoing turbulence. I have in mind that the nineteenth-century poet, Beddoes, felt this way too as he logged his thoughts into poems in order that they might be shared.

I’ve been sharing a few thoughts with the author Jason Cooper, focusing on the overlaps between the mystical and mathematical theory of everything. Jason’s work first came to my notice when he published his graphical representations of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional states and I’m looking forward (where else!) to his visualisations of the 7th to the 11th – hey, why stop at ten!

The mind is here to move us along the path, and the design of that path is fixed to the drawing board. For plans to work they must be flexible and we all need to learn how to balance our own ways with those of conditioned radicals. I think Elbert Hubbard said “The path of civilization is paved with tin cans” and if we continually allow those that consume the cans’ contents to just shake and move on, Hubbard will remain the last word on the future.

Plato felt that “Mind is ever the ruler of the Universe”.
The power of intent is great but not if every mind intends something completely different! Each of us are seeds and we can sow and say what we think, or remain dormant. But with every one of us our own ‘Head Gardener’, all trying to grow our own way, the World continues to produce mixed borders.

Mixed up seeds can only produce another mixed up crop – a jumble of vegetative strengths all competing for each other’s territories. If we ran our annual seed collections without regard for order, none of our friends would ever want to swap seeds with us.

Let me know if you want a copy of the “Friends of HoBB Gardens seed list”. If you want an unsorted mix of everything and anything – sorry, that’s all for re-cycling into my new seed compost bin.

What? You are still trying to get your head around the graphic above! I wouldn’t bother as there are soooooooooooo many more fun things to do, but if you are curious I can start to explain it in the following way >>

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Oscillating from minimum to maximum whilst balancing all things between all stages applying parallel Dimension but at different loci.

“earth” as one loci.
“earth time” as one Dimension system

Super String Theory is easier for me to grasp by imagining myself as very small and riding on the top of a vast jellyfish as the wave motion
it makes is more natural that the typical ~~~~~~~~

As soon as I ride this Jelly fish it slows down because I see it! It slows down so much that I cannot see it moving because I move with it and it is my world.

When I remove myself I can see that it oscillates.

Physicists and deep (unscientific) thinkers can reach a detached position – they use different ways.

The orange dot on the left of the above diagram is the oscillation at one dimensional moment and the passage of time becomes the rhythm and duration of oscillation.

An inner conscious awareness is in all from human to rock. For a rock, it has a crystalline memory. Memory is nature. Nurture is a consequence of our exploration of memory.

(If you want the extra mile of thought, and then some, contact me for an infinitely extended continuum)

Sending best waves to the World’s power beds ~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant